"Such a sweet Spirit in this place. The first time I stepped foot on these grounds I sensed His abiding presence. As the week's go by, I see a strong sense of family, where we all come together in one accord, to worship, to serve, and to grow together. If you don't have a home church, and are looking to be part of something bigger than yourself, check it out. You won't be disappointed! Come as you are!  "

- Becky Matt Yeager

"I have been saved along time, and have searched for a true place of belonging, Since coming to The Altar I have found it. My foster daughters love this church, every one has embraced us without judgment, treated me and the girls with dignity and respect. The Word is taught and explained in such deep elementary terms that even a child can hear God through it. Pastor Marty has a real heart for God and expresses it for the world to see. The youth pastors are anointed to teach and preach to the teenagers. I highly recommend The Altar to anyone who is looking for Jesus. "

- Debbie Smith

"This church is real and touches your soul. "

- Kelly Schock McManus