Pastors & Staff

Marty Freeman

Lead Pastor

Marty Freeman is the founding pastor of The Altar.  He has been blessed to serve several great churches in Kansas and Oklahoma. He led two churches through revitalization and oversaw rapid growth in both.
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Stephanie Smith

Children's Pastor

Stephanie & Aaron are a dynamic team in the area of children’s ministry. They love our kids and love leading them into the presence of God each week. Your children not only learn about Jesus, discover the power of the Bible, but they experience the passion of worship. Your kids will grow hungry for the presence of Jesus every time they come!

Katy Tauber

Altar Youth

Katy has a passion for Jesus! She conveys this passion in teaching teenagers of the love and grace offered to all of God's children. Through activities, teaching, events, and relationships Katy focuses on arming our teens with scriptural and Godly knowledge that is needed for their walk through the teenage years.
Katy is on FIRE for God and it shows to our teens!